Retreat Experiences with Distinction

Fresh seaside air, beautifully kept gardens under lush tree cover, the sound of rolling waves, year-round sunshine – a beautiful concoction of energy and natural surroundings that make the ideal retreat setting.

Whether you’re organizing your own itinerary or would like to work with us to build something with a unique local flair, the Kotch collection of villas offers a mix of intimate and social spaces with luxury amenities and services that are ideal for planning a group retreat. Kotch’s concierge service is run by one of the collection’s owners, Jodi, who once ran a successful marketing firm that supported some of Jamaica’s biggest brands. Her event planning savvy and expert touch are distinct features of the Kotch retreat experience.

Soul Stirring Opportunities for Group Connection

Retreats provide an opportunity to think more deeply about what is going on in our inner lives, learn something new, connect with others, deepen a practice or simply replenish our physical and mental states. There is no retreat concept that is too eccentric for us to consider. We’re open to both traditional and unconventional retreat options. Here are just a few:

  • Detox
  • Stress & Burnout Recovery
  • Emotional Wellbeing
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Microdosing and micro meditation
  • Weight Loss & Fitness
  • Inspirational Corporate Getaways

  • Cooking
  • Adventure and Athletics
  • Guided Mental Health
  • Nature
  • Religious
  • Art, Music & Dance
  • Tailormade

Personalized Group Immersions

Jamaica has a wellspring of talent & creativity to pull from, and our Kotch concierge knows just where to find things. From vegan chefs & painters to yoga gurus and motivational speakers, we can help you plan a one-of-a-kind retreat experience that will leave participants feeling transformed and inspired. We can follow your lead to deliver your specific retreat vision or develop the vision with you. Jodi’s team of event planners and villa service providers offer menu & itinerary planning, transportation arrangements and grocery pre-stocking. We take pride in delivering on every detail, both big and small, and have access to international practitioners, as well as authentic local expertise, goods and services to create truly unique experiences.

Location, Location, Location

All of our villas are located on Jamaica’s South Coast in the cherished community of Treasure Beach known for its pastoral seaside surroundings, community atmosphere, nature-adventure excursions and laid back vibes. The natural and unspoiled surroundings of the community force you to disconnect. There is a certain simplicity about life in Treasure Beach that changes perspectives and removes the ‘urgencies’ forced upon us by life’s daily demands. In Treasure Beach, there is no urgency, and there is no guilt, just a feeling of the present moment – a powerful shift in perspective.

The Villas

The Kotch collection consists of 3 villas – Kotch Villa, Peeniwalli & Steppa. The villas can be rented individually or together to accommodate group numbers up to 24 people. Peeniwalli and Steppa are on the same property, while Kotch is a 3-minute beach walk away. There are spaces for large group gatherings of up to 30-35 people, and more intimate areas for hosting smaller groups. Click on the villa names below to read more about each home’s bedrooms and gathering spots.