Feel as Safe as You Do in Your Own Home

When you vacation in a private Caribbean villa, you want to feel as comfortable and as safe as you do in your own home. More than anything, you should feel relaxed and at ease, and the troubles of the world should feel very far away. That’s why we’ve made it our priority to provide you with the peace of mind that you and your family’s health are protected when staying at a Kotch villa.

Keeping It Within the Family

Our team is a small close-knit family, which means we don’t have a large circle of rotating staff coming on and off the property. Our team members live nearby and are very protective of the villas and their guests. Together they work to ensure they do not expose themselves or the villas to unnecessary risk, and follow strict hygiene and sanitization practices, even during their offtime.

Cleanliness Comes Naturally

We’ve always maintained impeccably clean spaces. Airy rooms free from clutter, fresh bed linens, clean smooth surfaces and beautifully maintained garden areas are intentionally incorporated into our chic minimalist aesthetic. However, since the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, we’ve re-examined all of our cleaning procedures and kicked things up a notch by introducing additional measures and products to our housekeeping protocols.

Here are some of the steps we’re taking to protect your safety and that of our housekeeping and villa team:


  • All team members have received training on best practices for personal hygiene and cleaning protocols based on guidance from local authorities, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the World Health Organization (WHO)
  • Team members have been instructed not to report for duty if they experience any flu-like symptoms or illness
  • Masks and disposable gloves are worn throughout the cleaning process
  • Housekeepers follow a detailed checklist of strict sanitary and hygiene practices

Villa Cleaning and Sanitization Measures

  • Only EPA-approved cleaning products and household disinfectants are used
  • All towels and linens are laundered at the highest temperature setting recommended by the manufacturer and dried thoroughly
  • All high-touch surfaces are cleaned with anti-bacterial soap and water. This includes dining tables, kitchen countertops and appliances, light switches, doorknobs, cabinet pulls and handles, railings, faucets, knobs, telephones, sinks, and toilets.
  • Windows in bedrooms and common areas are opened to allow fresh air to circulate during the cleaning process
  • All electronics and light fixtures are wiped down, including remotes and thermostats
  • All floors are swept and mopped with approved disinfectant cleaners
  • All doors & hardware will be cleaned and disinfected
  • All filters from A/C units are cleaned carefully, disinfected and replaced, when necessary

Curbside Interactions

  • On-site visits by third parties will be limited to essential needs. All deliveries will be facilitated curbside – a villa team member will meet guests at the gate to collect items. Any third party coming on-site must be approved by management and will be required to wash hands and sanitize before entering the property, as well as wear a mask at all times.

This list is not exhaustive of our stringent cleaning protocols. They demonstrate the key measures put in place to safeguard everyone on-property from the potential spread of Coronavirus or any other pathogens. As we learn from global health experts and watch the global curve, we will continue to add new cleaning protocols, as necessary to address the changing circumstances.