John lives onsite at the property entrance in the Neem Tree studio. He tends to the daily needs of the home, gardens and pool. He’s as up-to-speed on maintaining the Wifi as he is on trimming the trees. Did we mention he plays a mean game of Dominoes?

Having an extra hand to watch the kids only makes things easier. And, hey, you might even want a little me-time or couple-time offsite. We only recommend caregivers we would trust with our own child. 

Jodi, a force to be reckoned with herself, didn’t let pregnancy stop her from being deeply involved in all aspects of the planning and execution. When James decided that he couldn’t stay away from the project despite doctor’s orders not to travel higher than a certain elevation until his detached retina healed, James went by boat to get around the hills separating Kingston from the South Coast. Through it all, Jodi, with new infant in tow, was by his side.

Together, the trio created a three-level minimalist tropical house with the elegance of a well-arranged space in mind. Each floor has a central living area from which all else flows. It’s a neutral space that brings the outside in – a feature made easier by the large sliding wood-louvred doors and windows. Open areas are maximized with landscape elements and lines of site making the rooms seem as big as possible.

James set up his own woodwork shop to create the majority of wood fixtures and furniture thoughtfully positioned throughout the expanse of the interior and exterior. Cool concrete floors and counters, handmade tiles, iron mesh pendant light shades, wide metal-framed lounges and armchairs with big cushions, side tables with antique Singer legs and wooden coffee-tables, cupboards and bath racks lightly brushed with Rose oil. James sanded, cut and carved many of the pieces himself.

When deciding where and how to place items, comfort and convenience were key. They aimed to make Kotch-life as easy and enjoyable as possible – a place where kids and parents alike can play, frolic and recline. Surrounded by flowering plants and large leafy trees with pebbled garden pathways leading up, down and around, the outside is as inviting and cozy as the inside.

Over time, James and Jodi realized they were building more than a home. They were creating a lifestyle. A well-designed house complete with thoughtfully-curated comforts and artistic touches, intentionally-crafted services and specially-selected staff, Kotch is now the flagship property in the couple’s collection of villas and houses in Jamaica. It represents a way of life that they have grown to cherish and want to share with family, friends and guests from around the world